Easter Story Collection

A collection of stories from the narrative surrounding the death and resurrection of Jesus.

more stories will be added over time

The people were hoping for a warrior king, someone to lead the revolt. But Jesus had another plan.
After washing their dirty feet, Jesus tells his closest friends what is about to happen to him.
They were his closest friends, but they couldn't even keep their eyes open during his darkest hour.
Accusations are made against Jesus and false witnesses are brought in to testify against him.
The guards hardly even noticed when Peter came in to share the warmth. But someone else noticed.
Jesus is questioned about the accusations made against him, but the crowd have already made up their mind.
Jesus is led out of the city and executed on a Roman cross.
The body of Jesus is taken down from the cross and hurriedly prepared for burial.
An early morning visit to the tomb of Jesus ends in despair, alarm and confusion.
Overwhelmed with grief, Mary sits alone in the garden near the now empty tomb.

Easter Story
Return Of The King | Last Supper | Garden | Accusations | Denial | Sentenced | Crucifixion | Burial | Empty Tomb | Appearance

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