As a Rabbi, Jesus would often go to the Synagogue to teach. On one particular Sabbath day, as he was teaching, he became aware that some in the room were watching him closely to see if they could accuse him of breaking any of the Sabbath rules. In particular, the teachers of the law and the Pharisees were waiting to see if Jesus would heal a man who was there, who had a shriveled right hand.

Angered by the stubbornness of their hearts, Jesus called the man forward and asked him to stand in front of everyone. As he made his way to the front, Jesus looked directly at the group of religious leaders and asked them a question:

“Which is lawful on the Sabbath: to do good or to do evil? To save a life or to destroy it?”

There was an awkward silence. No one dared to answer.

Still looking them in the eye, Jesus spoke to the man standing before them, “Stretch out your hand.”

The man lifted his right arm and held out his hand. It was completely restored.

Furious, the Pharisees went out and met with the Herodians. They began to discuss how they might get rid of this Jesus once and for all.

Take a moment to reflect on the story you have just read.
(sometimes it is helpful to read it again, slowly)

*Was there something in this story that you discovered—or thought about—for the first time?
*As you think about the story, what questions do you have? What do you wonder about?
*How might this story change your perspective / beliefs / behaviors?

I would love to hear what you are discovering as you think through these questions.
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