The lightning cast long shadows on the back of the small cave and the howling wind drove big drops of rain onto the weathered face of the man huddled inside. Storms like this were not uncommon over the lake, growing quickly in the heat of the late afternoon, but this storm was particularly nasty.

As the man looked out over the lake from the shelter of his cave, he could see the dim light of a boat lantern as it rose and fell on the pitching waves. He wondered to himself who it might be. Fisherman probably, caught out by the rapidly developing storm that had swept over them. As the man drifted in and out of sleep, his eyes struggled to focus on the distant light. His mind was shattered by the constant torment in his head and his body ached.

Suddenly, he was jolted awake. There was a disturbance in his spirit and his eyes came quickly into focus. It looked like a wave… except this wave was spreading out from the center of the lake in every direction… and in the middle was the small boat. The lantern was still, the water calm and before he could work out what was going on, the storm had all but dissipated. For a moment he thought he was dreaming but then he felt the tension in his body rise, a sensation he had felt many times before.

Legion wasn’t happy.

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