Hi there… and welcome.

I have been blogging my thoughts and reflections on various topics since 2013. This is the latest incarnation of my online expression.

Who Am I?

I am married to Rosie and we have four wonderful children, two boys and two girls. We live in Perth, Western Australia, and have two dogs, one cat, four chickens and several fish!

Over the past 23 years, I have worked as a youth pastor, truck driver, chaplain, builders laborer, youth worker, plant operator and leadership trainer (in no particular order). For much of that time, I have also been involved, either in a part-time or full-time capacity, with a couple of para-church mission organizations; Youth Ministries Australia and AccessTheStory. It was during my time with these organizations that I discovered and fell in love with Story Telling.

Why Story Telling?

Because stories are powerful. They help to shape who we are, our understanding of the world around us and our relationships. What I am most passionate about is helping people to discover (or rediscover) God’s Story – The Bible. That is what this blog is mainly about: a collection of stories from the Bible and some of my thoughts and reflections on those stories. There are also some stories and observations that are inspired by my life experiences.


I’m not an expert! At best I’m a facilitator. But really I’m a co-learner. Just an ordinary guy working out how to do life. To that end, I have included some reflection questions at the end of many of the stories. I hope you find them helpful and I would really love it if you shared what you are discovering as you think about the story you have read.

About The Stories

The Bible stories on this blog are my retelling of those stories after careful reading, reflection and study of the originals. Stories that appear in more than one Gospel account are retold using a process of harmonization. I have sourced direct quotes from a number of Bible translations, including but not limited to, NLT, NIV, The Voice, and The Message and Holman Christian Standard.



Copyright Stuff:

No images or content on this blog may be copied unless otherwise indicated. The images used in this blog are either my own or sourced from free stock collections, including but not limited to, www.freebibleimages.org and www.LumoProject.com. Some of the icons on this blog are made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com