In the constant rush and hectic schedule of modern life, it can often seem impossible to slow down enough to notice the little things. Important things. Especially as Christmas approaches!

And yet, that is exactly what ADVENT invites us to do. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, ADVENT is a time of expectant waiting and preparation.

I want to invite you to slow down, take some time to reflect, and prepare your heart for the season ahead.

I believe this is important because if we don’t slow down, it’s hard to recognise that we are continuously being swept along by an unrelenting tide of competing stories. Stories where we constantly COMPARE ourselves to others; or where we are driven to pursue an increasing measure of COMFORT; or where we chase the illusion that we need to be in CONTROL. Counterfeit stories that are so alluring… yet so often leave us feeling empty.

ADVENT reminds us that there is a better story.

In partnership with AccessTheStory Inc., and utilising the excellent resources from The Bible Project’s Advent Word Series, the following four ADVENT REFLECTIONS are designed to allow you some space to be still and listen, as you prepare for the coming of Christmas.

first advent reflection


second advent reflection


third advent reflection


fourth advent reflection


after advent: re-gifting our best

a final reflection as we move forward into the Christmas season and beyond

This resource is available to you without charge, thanks to the team at AccessTheStory. If you find that it brings value to your spiritual formation, or that of your group, then I would like to invite you to consider making a donation to the ministry of AccessTheStory.

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Some content adapted from: The Bible Project – Advent Word Series, Copyright © 2018 by The Bible Project.
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