first advent reflection:


The word ‘peace’ is common in most languages. People often talk about ‘peace treaties’ or ‘times of peace’ and usually what they mean is the absence of war. In the Bible, the word peace can refer to the absence of conflict, but it also points to the presence of something better in its place.

Before continuing with today’s reflection, watch the following video from The Bible Project’s Advent Word Series:

The word Shalom can also refer to a person’s well-being. God is concerned with your well-being. Physical. Emotional. Relational. Spiritual.

In a world where our bodies decay, our grief disables, our relationships suffer, and our spirits groan – we long for wholeness and completeness. Shalom.

This brick represents a whole version of you, without chips or cracks or defects. The craftsman has made it in such a way that it fits.
Imagine holding it in your hands. How does it feel?
Have you ever wondered if you fit?

You look at who you are and you struggle to see yourself as whole – because the reality is that there are cracks and chips.
Physical. Emotional. Relational. Spiritual.

Somehow, our experience isn’t as the Creator intended.

This is why the coming of Jesus is so significant.

Jesus came to offer His peace to others. Like when He said to His followers, “My peace I give to you all.” The Apostles taught that Jesus made peace between messed up humans and God when He died and rose from the dead. He was the whole, complete human that I am made to be but have failed to be, and now He gives me His life as a gift.

This means that as followers of Jesus, we have been called to become peace-makers.

What an amazing concept! Jesus invites us to participate in His peace… the same peace he brings to the world.

Imagine taking your brick and handing it over to the master builder, as He creates something new.

How might God be inviting you to play a part in the PEACE
He is bringing into the world?

Remember, peace takes a lot of work because its not just the absence of conflict. True peace requires taking what’s broken and restoring it to wholeness, whether it’s in our lives, our relationships, or in our world.

Physical. Emotional. Relational. Spiritual.

Something to prayerfully consider this week:

As you think about your life or your world, where do you long to see the peace of Christ this Christmas?

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