Saving The Best For Last

When the master of ceremonies tasted the wine that Jesus had provided, he commended the Groom on saving the best for last. What Jesus has done here is astounding.

The Path To Wisdom

It intrigues me that there is an irony to finding wisdom; as it can only be found along an ancient, narrow path...

Reversing The Law of Unclean

According to the Law, not only was the woman declared unclean, but so was anything she touched.


As the man drifted in and out of sleep, his eyes struggled to focus on the distant light.

Terrified of Jesus

Every time I come across the story of Jesus calming the storm, I find myself wondering about the disciples response to what Jesus does.

Lord Of The Sabbath

The men who were with Jesus stopped and started picking heads of grain to eat. It was a Sabbath and their actions didn't go unnoticed.