reflections and observations from my reading of God’s Story

The Path To Wisdom
It intrigues me that there is an irony to finding wisdom; as it can only be found along an ancient,
Reversing The Law of Unclean
According to the Law, not only was the woman declared unclean, but so was anything she touched.
As the man drifted in and out of sleep, his eyes struggled to focus on the distant light.
Terrified of Jesus
Every time I come across the story of Jesus calming the storm, I find myself wondering about the disciples response
Lord Of The Sabbath
The men who were with Jesus stopped and started picking heads of grain to eat. It was a Sabbath and
A Strange Plan Indeed
Sometimes God uses the strangest people to bring about His plans.
Matthew: Disciple
When Jesus called Matthew to follow Him, he got up from his place of security, power and wealth…
Matthew: Tax Collector
Why were the tax collectors in Jesus' day hated so much?
Compassion In Action
These were a people who longed for a better way of life, yet could see no clear path up and
Community of Learning
What might it look like if we actively invited people to participate in a shared learning environment?
You Feed Them!
Sooner or later in life, each of us finds ourselves in a situation that seems impossible for us solve.
Riding on A Donkey
Have you ever wondered why Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey?